Steven Peter Down
287 Gorleston Road
NR32 3AF
+44 1502 511987
+44 7855 500441 (mobile)
29th November 1982
UK Full
Lowestoft Collage – 2004
City & Guilds 2391 –
Level 3 inspection, testing & certification of electrical installations.
Havering Collage 2001 – 2003
City & Guilds 2360 –
Electrical Installation & Theory parts 2 & 3
City & Guilds 2360 NVQ Level 2 & 3
Installing & Commissioning electrotechnical systems
Lowestoft Collage – 1999 – 2000
City and Guilds 2360 –
Electrical Installation & Theory part 1
Selected to compete in the Regional Apprentice of the year
Education Benjamin Britten High School
Information Technology College 1995 – 1999
12 GCSE’s with 10 Graded C and Above
ProfiBus Installer Certification – Jan 2012
ConstructionSkils – Operatives – Health & Safety Test – March 2012
Curriculum Vitae
E-Tech Group Ltd
Approved Electrician / Profibus Technician April 2012 – Present
Working & Staying away from home 5 days a week I joined a group
of 20+ Electricians to complete the electrical installation and
commissioning of a major £5m site upgrade to a Kent water
treatment works. I was brought in to lead the testing, connection &
commissioning aspects of the newly installed Profibus system used
to monitor and control vast amounts of Valves, Flowmeters, Pressure
& Temperature sensors that were recently installed.
After all the Profibus systems were up and running I was requested to
stay on and assist the completion of the projects entire electrical
installation and commissioning aspects.
Dalco Car Audio Centre
Operations Manager Jan 2003 – April 2012
Dalco had been established for 21 years prior to our acquisition it mainly
dealt in Towbar installation, the secondary business was car audio. At the
time Dalco employed 2 people including the director.
The initial challenge was to move a small business out of small premises
and small mentality into a buildable, blooming business.
This was the first time that I had ever been involved with the retail sector
and had to learn on my feet, resulting in year on year progression in the last
ten years. As a business we had to learn and develop our technical
knowledge to be ahead of the competition. We worked out how to do things
differently so that others would not be able to compete in our specialist
areas. To work differently I made us a technical company, who understood
products to the stage where we would fit and modify original equipment.
My knowledge and experience is extensive in undertaking all aspects of
electronic failure within the vehicle’s electronic systems. Using specialist test
equipment from a basic function multi-meter to Oscilloscope’s and computer
diagnostic hardware/software. Identifying each problem’s route source and
rectifying with replacement products or repair when possible, we introduced
the 5 Y’s system to ensure the systemic failures were identified and fully
Installation of a range of electronic products both basic and complex ranging
from standard 12volt DC to highly complex fiber optic and CAN-Bus data
cabling systems. Working on some of the latest cars, I liaised directly with
manufacturers to design, construct and pass to production, new electronics
that enabled both retail and trade users to integrate products to their vehicle
utilizing ring fiber optic system and CAN-bus data network allowing multiple
control signals with minimal cabling and power consumption. Further
technology advances found new equipment and devices are released
frequently, older equipment therefore required updating via software
uploads. I collated data and liaised with the manufacturer to enhance the
product and enable it to fully function as an integrated system.
Fabrication and installation utilising a wide range of raw materials including
sheet metal, MDF, fiberglass and paint. Customer’s conceptual ideas were
constructed from nothing to award winning audio installations.
Each vehicle leaving the premises was subject to a full visual inspection and
function test, each customer was given a full demonstration on the usage of
the equipment and presented with all user instructions with any questions be
answered at point of collection.
The main success for developing this business was understanding the
technical configuration and design of the equipment we sell and install. This
enabled us to modify and improve products we provide our customers,
proved by the great distance customers travelled to employ our services.
Curriculum Vitae
Waveney Electrical
Electrical Technician July 2002 to Dec 2003
COLT Telecommunications
Electrical installation, commissioning and Maintenance of Large D.C.
Rectifiers on uninterrupted power supplies. Large battery rooms were
installed and commissioned to hold over 100 batteries providing back up for
the NODE room that supplied power to computer control and
telecommunication systems. Individual rack power management installation
of 16 & 32Amp UPS supplies, sockets, cables, distribution boards and
customer rack systems. Equipotential bonding of UPS racking system for
portable and semi-portable computing equipment, conducting full test and
report before completion of installation. Installation, termination and
commissioning of back-up generation systems utilising diesel generators,
installed for emergency back up due to the increased demand for UPS
supplies in temperature controlled dust free rooms.
All completed in alignment with the company QA/QC management
processes for new installation of equipment.
Thames Water Sewerage Treatment Works
Electrical Technician Nov 2001 to July 2002
Fire & Gas detection systems throughout the incinerator area in conjunction
Honeywell, termination and commissioning along with site inspection and
report to further improve safety within the explosive areas.
Rotork IQ Actuator and sludge pump electrical termination, setup and
commissioning , mass water pumps using Heanan soft start drive
termination and commissioning. Fabrication, installation and commissioning
of control panel including the connection and integration of SCADA displays,
Experimental usage of the PROFIBUS protocol. Installation and
commissioning of multiple Flow / Pressure / Level & Temperature
transmitters. Installation and Termination of H.V. Cabling & Switch Gear,
Installation of EX glands and EX lighting systems.
Sept 1999 to Nov 2001: Electrical Apprenticeship
A full electrical apprenticeship was completed with vast experience gained
within the fresh water and sewerage treatment works, petrochemical and
telecommunication industries. The first year of my apprenticeship was
involved in large projects such as sedimentation and aeration tank
construction and installation. Vast experience was gained in the installation
of cable management systems such as ladder racking and tray work,
followed by considerable volumes of cable glanding including EX glands and
instrumentation IS circuits.
The later part of my apprenticeship saw my involvement into the
telecommunication sector of the company as the demand for UPS supplies
and air controlled rooms grew rapidly during the turn of the century. Here I
gained early experience of working within dust free environments with
complying to strict power isolation rules and cable identification methods.
This stood me in good stead to head up the division toward the end of my
time at W.E.S.