G.L & AP Controller





Acc. Amr Metwally Omar

17 Khaled Hassan st. off Cournish El Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

E- Mail: amr.metwallyomar@hotmail.com

Telephone: (+202) (25898242)

Mobile:  (+2) (01000786010)

Mission :


ــTo develop my self capable of adding value and creating a positive impact on business         results of my organization in a growing and changing global marketplace.

Personal information:


– Birth Date                 : 21 March, 1982.                – Gender                    : Male.

– Marital Status          : Married.                              – Nationality             : Egyptian.                                      – Residency          : Cairo, Egypt.                      – Military Service    : Exempted.


Post Graduate Studies:

I am studying CMA (Certified Management Accountant).

                At first I was studding at IPA (Institute Of Professional Accountants) after that I am                                      continuing studding self-study.

– EAS (Egyptian Accounting Standard) in comparable to IAS and IFRS

     Corse from ESAA in Cooperation with KPMG, Earnst &Young

      and PWC.  May 2012.

Course Outline:

To develop a single set of high quality, understandable,

enforceable and globally accepted Egyptian and international financial

reporting standards through its standard-setting body, to promote

the use and rigorousapplication of those standards, to take account

of the financial reporting needs of emergingeconomies and medium

and Huge-sized entities, and to bring about convergence of national

accounting standards, IAS and IFRSs to high quality solutions


– “Valuation Of Assets” course from AUC (The American University

     In Cairo) June 2011.

Course Outline:

This course was enabled me to understand in depth the fundamentals of project analysis, finance and Valuation Methods (Income Based & Asset Based), Annuity vs. Perpetuity. It also gave me the chance to discuss in details the concept of restructuring and the optimal capital structure, cost of capital, Value of money FV PV, Compounding & Discounting, Capital Budgeting, Appropriate discount rate (sources of capital) ( cost of debt, preferred stock , common stock). And maximizing the value of the firm.

              – “Financial Management” course from AmCham (American Chamber                              Of Commerce) Nov. 2010.

Course Outline:

The Investment Setting, the Asset Allocation Decision,

Introduction to Portfolio Management, Investment Objectives and Constraints, Risk associated with Investment in a Global Market, Credit Risk Approaches, and Centralization and defining different bank’s roles in finance.

“Financial Analysis” course from AmCham (American Chamber                                Of Commerce) July 2010.

Course Outline:

Ratio cross sectional analysis, Liquidity analysis, Activity analysis, Leverage analysis, Profitability analysis, Horizontal analysis, Vertical analysis, evaluating financial risk and in- depth analysis of a company’s financial statement.

“Financial Accounting and Reporting” course from IPA (Institute Of Professional                                Accountants) May 2009.

Course Outline:

           External financial reporting, Cash and receivables, Inventories and

investments, Long-Lived assets, Liabilities, Equity and revenue recognition.

     University Study:

– Faculty of Commerce Ain Shams UniversityEgypt Major Accounting.

– Date of graduation: May 2003.


American language courses at Ministry of Defense Language Institute (I was Passed                        the Advanced and Conversational levels with grade Excellent.

– Computer courses Windows, Office and Internet at TIC (Trade Information center).

Practical Skills:

      Computer Skills:

-Excellent Usage of the ERP Solutions, BUSINESS and ORACLE Financials

  such as (JD Edwards, PDI, AL MOTAKAMEL and ALMOTAMMEM).

                 – Excellent Usage of Microsoft Windows all editions.

– Excellent Usage of Office Applications (Word, Access, Excel, Power point).

– Excellent Usage of Internet.

       Language Skills :

– Native Language Arabic.

– Very good command of both written and spoken English.

– Fair Knowledge of Deutch.

Effective Skills:


–         Well familiar with accounting theory, GAAP, IFRS, IAS, EAS and practical its application to various accounting transactions and problems.

–         Excellent organizational skills with proven abilities with regard to accuracy and attention to detail.

–         Strong Communications Skills (written and verbal) and time management Skills.   

–         Ability to self-manage and influence others to meet commitments.

–         Ability to take responsibilities and ownership for tasks and to use initiatives.

Work Experience:


Job History


Emarat Misr, Multinational Petroleum Co.

 From 9/2009 till Now. 

                    Position: G.L & AP Controller.


– Follow up and handle all general ledger transactions and A/P via

ERP Solutions PDI (Professional Data Inc.  An American ERP Solution).

– Monitor the white products “Gasoline” withdrawals and payments

for EGPC (Egyptian public petroleum corporation) for our

service fuel stations.                                                                       Professional Datasolutions, Inc


– Monitor Aviation transactions either domestic or international flights and Jet A1              withdrawals and payments for EGPC and other petroleum companies.

– Monitor Marine transactions and Bunker fuel withdrawals and payments for EGPC.

– Monitor the L/G and L/Cs for the imported additives for our unique industrial oil to          Packed and Bulk lubes.

– Sharing in preparation of the Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income statement,                       Statement of Owners Equity, Statement of Cash Flow) at closing times.

– Prepare the form 19, 21 and 22 for each at EGPC and Ministry Of Supply and Trade.

– Follow up the Insurance for our property, plant and equipment.

– Auditing the Banks Accounts and make bank Reconciliation at the end of each

month across several banks and currencies.

– Preparing the monthly financial Closing and reports to my senior managers.

– Preparing the reports relating to the TAX Inspection for my company.

– Ensuring accuracy of accounts and their full reconciliation into the general ledger.

– Generating the general ledger reports at closing time.

– Allocating expenses between the various cost centers.

– Responsible for all phases of accounts payable processing including auditing and                processing invoices and payment requisition and accounts payable records.

– General ledger maintenance and analysis, significant elements of the month end                    process, and internal reporting within the organization.
– Responsibilities include the month end closing/accruals, financial analysis, cost                allocations and monthly transactions analysis.
– Compile and analyze financial information to prepare entries to accounts for review by        financial controller.

– Monitor and review accounting and related system reports for accuracy and                          completeness and resolve accounting discrepancies.

– Interact with internal and external auditors in completing audits.
– Verifies or codes accounts ensuring accuracy of cost centers and/or internal orders, as       per chart of accounts and Manage Fixed Asset register
– Coordination with Accounts team. Participates in regular Accounts meetings to keep         abreast with all issues relating to the Finance. Discusses and reviews opportunities for       the optimization of assigned work programs.

Indevco Group.Sanita Nile Co. International Corporation for          Industrial Development and Trading.  From 6/2008 Till 8/2009.


                    Position :Senior Accountant for A/R.

                   Description :

–  Follow up and dealing with all A/R  transactions on the BUSINESS

Solutions  OracleFinancials (JD EDWARDS).

–  Follow up the Credit Notes of Returns for the sold invoices.

-Follow up and review the deduction’s advices received from Customers that

relate to their contracts such as “Trade Loader, Volume Rebates, Gondolas                                         Fees, Light Boxes, Listing Fees and Shelf Rent Fees) and make Credit notes and                               Debit notes to Reconcile that.

– Follow up The legal file for the whole customers in coordination with admin. dep.

–  Prepare the AGING Reports according to Credit Limits and Credit Periods for each                          customer two times a month.

                   –Evaluate customers into Good and solvent, Low risk, Medium risk and High risk                                customers, consequently we set credit limit and aging number of days.

–  Review of accounts receivable lists and evaluate Bad Debts risk.

–  Prepare the Aging Balance Confirmation for whole customers (Institution Dep., Key                         account Dep., Whole Sales Dep. and Distributors) on monthly basis with the original                        copy received by the accounts dep.of each company not later than the 15th of the                                following month.

-Determine the net sales and collection for each customer and department then make

The Ratios and Charts Reports, in addition to the aging number of days by sector                           (Actual vs. Target) Reports and present proposals in the periodic Credit Committee                         Meetings.

-I’m working in assisting the sales and collection managers in analysis of their

operation performance.

-Prepare the relating Receivable Reports to my senior managers.

Cairo News Co. Multinational Company for News Media,

 Broadcasting & Telecom.  From 1/2006 Till 5/2008.


   Position :Senior Accountant for G/L.

                   Description :



                 – Bookkeeping (American Journal, Ledger accounts) and posting these accounts to

The Trial Balance.

– Keeping the vendors’ accounts, account payables&accrual accounts & working

to pay these credit accounts in specific schedules. All of these accounts by books

besides the ERP Solutions Oracle Financials (AL MOTAKAMEL) (OFSSOFT).

–  Prepare payables reports, review outstanding payables, prioritize payments and                                  ensure all necessary codlings, checking and authorizations are carried out.

-Reconcile supplier accounts of Satellites (Nile Sat, Arab Sat, Eutel Sat, IHA) and

ensure the accuracy of Service Performance.

-Follow up other creditor and accruals accounts in accounting system.

– Sharing in preparation of the accounting CHART of the oracle financial ERP.

-Verification between Sub-Balances with Main Trial Balance and find out the

discrepancies between them.

– Monitor and review the cost accounts of our clients, temporary down payment and                             petty cash. Prepare the “41” FORM for Withholding tax quarterly.

– Interact with internal and external auditors in completing audits.

– Keeping the accounts receivable and making clients invoices and send them through

UPS such as (French TV- F2-F24, Lebanon TV – LBC , USA TV- CNN, IRAQ TV).

-Sharing the preparation and establishment of the ( Beeaty TV) in MediaCity.

– Supervision the major operation for Aljazeera TV JSC and MEN at Arab League

and PresidencyPalace for important events.

Alfa Plus Co.  For Digital Satellite Systems. From 2/2004 Till 12/2005.

   Description :

  – Bookkeeping (American Journal, Ledger accounts) and posting these accounts to

the Trial Balance. Keeping the vendors’ accounts and account payables.

– Making daily accounting activities and entries by the ERP Solution

(ALMOTAMMEM) (OFSSOFT) and get monthly financial reports out it, and

prepare these reports to my seniors.

-In addition to my duties I was leading a team work consists of sales and                            technical personnel.


                Record of Chartered Accountants & Auditors Member:

– I hold the Record of Chartered Accountants & AuditorsNumber R.C.C. 25776.

                Syndicate of Commercial Professions Member:

–   I hold The Syndicate Member Number  07/391/03  Accountants & Auditors


Other objectives:


– I am studying CMA (Certified Management Accountant) .In order to be one of the                                 fewest managerial accountants in the world who able to succeed, save time and                                 increase efficiency, productivity and profitability, consequently achieve the prosperity                      for biggest multinational companies all over the world.

Strength & Positive points:


              – Able to work effectively, efficiently and with a positive attitude.

              – Self-motivated and able to work both independently and on a team.

              – Like challenges and have a desire to exceed expectations.

Ability to make fast and yet reliable decisions about problem solving.

I’m energetic, enthusiastic, dynamic, persuasive and hard working.

Best dealing with myDirect Subordinates, colleagues and bosses.


Reading, sports, internet, looking for what’s new at each field.


Current Net salary   : 4,500 EGP plus Profit Share, Bonus and other Benefits.